All projects that are defined in the field of petroleum and petrochemical industry, from extracting crude oil to supplying end product of the refinery, or the supply chain of raw materials to reach the end product of the petrochemical industry will be scrutinized in this specialized department.

This department is one of the most active parts of our organization, and thanks to it, a significant number of successful projects have been implemented in the field of petroleum and petrochemical industry and delivered to the owners after a repayment period.

If the activity found in the feasibility study also belongs to start-ups or has a connection with other departments, the feasibility study report will be directed to two or more departments.

For example, when the project feasibility study requires the construction of a structure or any kind of construction operations, that feasibility study report will be reviewed in the construction department in addition to being judged in its related specialized department.

If a project is approved by a Department of Specialized Analysis, the feasibility study report will be provided to other parts of the organization and the type of service that can be provided to that project will be determined and notified to the applicant at the end of the review process.

To get acquainted with the variety of these services and their details, please refer to Services section in the main menu.

The following are examples of businesses related to the Petroleum and petrochemical department:


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