Most financiers work on a limited number of fields, as reviewing feasibility study reports requires complete mastery in a specific area of expertise, and having experts in various areas makes an organization too large and increases the probability of error in case analysis.

You may have experienced or heard that capital applicants present their proposal to several financiers to fortunately work with one of them. Because most of the time, the people who study the feasibility study reports in these systems do not have specialized knowledge in that field and cannot have a precise understanding of the goals of the presenter.

At Akko Investment, we have tried to minimize these problems by relying on the large group of experienced experts in the form of a modern network technology.

In this regard, the feasibility studies presented to us are examined in the related specialized department. You can learn more about the specialized departments at the end of this page.

The experts of each department are recognized and experienced in a specific field of work in the world. They get access to feasibility studies online and under strict security measures (in order to protect the material and intellectual rights of the provider of the project) and they can register their opinions and explanations about the reports in our system.

In fact, each feasibility study is judged by at least three experts in that field, and if it has more positive opinions, the proposal enters other stages of the work process in our system.

Also, depending on the content, a feasibility study may be judged in two or more specialized departments.


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