Projects that are based on a creative idea and their way of providing goods or services is different from traditional and conventional structures are in the category of startups in our classification system.

All startups belong to at least one other department as well, but when a project is considered a startup, special considerations are taken and the study of such projects requires a special expert team.

If the activity found in the feasibility study has a connection with other departments, the feasibility study report will be directed to two or more departments.

For example, when the project feasibility study requires the construction of a structure or any kind of construction operations, that feasibility study report will be reviewed in the construction department in addition to being judged in its related specialized department.

If a project is approved by a Department of Specialized Analysis, the feasibility study report will be provided to other parts of the organization and the type of service that can be provided to that project will be determined and notified to the applicant at the end of the review process.

To get acquainted with the variety of these services and their details, please refer to Services section in the main menu.

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