The process of providing our services begins with receiving an email from the applicant. In fact, email is the only way for a customer to communicate with our organization in the first place. In the next steps and if needed, our experts will communicate with the customer through other ways.
our public relations department will divide the emails they receive into two general parts:
The first part contains proposals that do not need feasibility study.
The services provided to these proposals are usually predefined templates, and an email will be sent in response to the applicant, including descriptions and forms required for that service, which will be sent to the applicant for review and completion.
The second part includes proposals that require feasibility study to be assessed.
In response to these proposals, public relations department will send an e-mail containing the approximate time required to review the feasibility study report and respond to the applicant. In case the initial e-mail does not have a feasibility study report, the applicant is asked to provide us with a feasibility study report.
Our services in this section continue by presenting the feasibility study for each project to a system based on data analysis in eleven specialized departments. In Activity fields section in the main menu, you can learn more about the diversity of departments and their performance description.
In each of these eleven departments, our consultants, who are the best experts in that specific field, after studying the plan, enter their opinion and explanations about each proposal in the system. In the next step, these opinions and comments become available to the Department of Economic Analysis.
At this stage, the factors affecting the economic feasibility study of the project, such as profitability, return on investment, loss risk, etc. are evaluated, and if approved, the proposal is transferred to the legal department of the group.
Our lawyers first control the legal inconsistencies of the process presented in the proposal, and then review the various modes of cooperation and partnership with the applicant and prepare a draft of the agreement for the proposal and send to the client via the public relations department.
We are always eager to receive cooperation proposals from you. For this purpose, please refer to the Contact Us section in the main menu.


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