As a mutual fund and a professional provider of commercial finance services, Akko Investment was established in London in 2014 and gradually established offices in Seattle, Moscow and Istanbul.
Relying on a team of experts including a group of retired managers of large international banks and mutual funds as well as a number of young specialists in finance, the company forms a structure that combines experience and up-to-date knowledge of market trends that makes it capable of dealing with novelties of the world’s financial system.
Our main strategy is to care about and support the interests of our clients and achieving more agreements based on customer satisfaction. In this regard, we always try to provide the highest level of financial and spiritual security for our clients at the lowest possible cost.
A high level of connection to the worldwide mutual funds and financial institutions and sustainable cooperation with them has made it possible for us to explore cooperation options with no limits on the amount of investment and to provide our services as quickly and accurately as possible.
We will be highly honored if you provide us the occasion to render our service as your partner.
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